Sunday, October 20, 2013

Samosas at Mr. Kamal's Kiosk in Animal Kingdom

Recently, The Disney Food Blog revealed that new vegetarian offerings were being offered at Mr. Kamal's Kiosk, which is located right outside of the Flights of Wonder show in the Asia section of Animal Kingdom.  One of the items that caught my attention was the samosas.  I had to try this since I'm a big Indian food fan.  I headed down to the Animal Kingdom during the first week of October 2013 to try this out.  The order of samosas came quick.  As soon as I got this, I headed to side tables that were next to the kiosk.  I took a picture of the samosas when I sat down.

Samosas at Mr. Kamal's Kiosk in Animal Kingdom
The order consisted of 5 samosas with a mango chutney sauce.  The size of each samosa was smaller than those that I usually get back home.  Each one was fried then well drained of oil to not make it oily.  The inside of the samosa consisted of peas and potatoes mashed up with Indian seasoning.  It was quite tasty by itself.  I'm used to eating Indian food, so my taste buds liked the curry type seasoning.  I tried the mango chutney by itself.  It tasted very fresh and fruity.  The mango was not too sweet.  When tasting the samosa with the mango chutney, the samosa tasted a bit sweeter.  The mix was good, and there was more than enough chutney to eat with the samosas.  Overall, this makes a good snack to walk around the Animal Kingdom.  If you can't decide on a quick service meal, or are waiting to be seated at Yak and Yeti, drop by Mr. Kamal's and get the samosas!


  1. Thanks for the review- I can't wait to try these! I was sad when I heard they were shutting down the Bradley Falls kiosk that was across from these new offerings, but it sounds like they put in some tasty alternatives. They do look smaller than typical samosas- I'm glad we get 5!

    1. Thanks for reading my post. I'm glad that DAK is offering this. I hope they keep this because it's really good.