Friday, October 18, 2013

Animation Academy at Disney Hollywood Studios

If you are ever at the Animation Courtyard, you will see an attraction called "The Magic of Disney Animation". It's an attraction where animators show the creation of Mu-Shu from the animated feature movie "Mulan".  After the feature, you are exited to an area which houses more examples of animation, as well as a meet-and-greet with Disney Characters.  Tucked away is an attraction called "Animation Academy" where you can learn how to draw your favorite Disney characters exactly how the animators draw them.  You are led into a room filled with light desks and stools.  Once you sit in a stool, you will see a piece of paper and pencil that you will use to draw your character. Towards the front of the room is a large projection screen and the animator that will project what he/she is drawing.  It is totally dark in the room except for the light tables illuminating your spot.

The front of the Animation Academy

Me at my light table at the Animation Academy
The instructing animator is really good at teaching people of all ages how to draw.  She used easy to understand terms like "draw an oval" and "darken these spots".  She did not go fast and made sure that we were able to follow what she was instructing.  In this class, we learned how to draw Pluto.  I thought that I could never draw this character.  But to my amazement, I drew Pluto.  Below is the finished drawing.

My drawing of Pluto from the Animation Academy
This was a fun activity to do!  I surprised that this is overlooked by many visitors to Disney Hollywood Studios.  This is now a must-do activity on my list whenever I'm at DHS.

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