Thursday, February 27, 2014

Ride Video of the Wildlife Express to Conservation Station in Animal Kingdom - December 2009

Animal Kingdom has a train that takes visitors to the Conservation Station, where visitor can pet animals like sheep and goats.  The train is called the Wildlife Express.  Riders sit facing the side of the train so that they can see the backstage areas of Animal Kingdom where the animals sleep during the nighttime hours. It's an enjoyable and relaxing train ride.  I took video of the ride back in December 2009.  Enjoy!

Ride Video of Journey Into Imagination with Figment from December 2009

I have visited the Imagination Pavilion at Epcot since it opened back in the 1980s, and have seen the rides and attractions changed throughout the years.  One ride that has been through lots of changes is the Journey into Imagination.  I rode it when it had the Dreamfinder and Figment.  I also rode the version of the ride that did not feature either the Dreamfinder or Figment.  Luckily, Disney decided to add Figment back to the ride.  Here is video that I took back in 2009 of the entire ride experience from start to finish. Enjoy!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

This Week in Disney Foodies - February 8, 2014 to February 15, 2014

Here is the recap of this week's posts in the Disney Foodies facebook group

Monday, February 10 2014

Maria Heuskin posted food pics from Ohana, The Plaza Ice Cream Shop, T-Rex Cafe, 50's Primetime Cafe, The American Pavilion, Teppan Edo.......

Ohana's Bread Pudding - Maria Heuskin
My favorite snack at MK. Ice Cream Sandwich made with fresh baked cookies at The Plaza Ice Cream Shop...oh and an apple turnover too. - Maria Heuskin
Paleozoic Chicken Sandwich...minus the avocado...from T-Rex Cafe in DTD - Maria Heuskin
Pineapple bread and salad, plus dipping sauces from Ohana.- Maria Heuskin
A little bit of everything from Ohana - Maria Heuskin
A Sampling of Mom's Favorites from 50's Primetime Cafe - Maria Heuskin
The American Dream from The American Pavilion - Maria Heuskin
Nihonbashi and Tori before cooking at Teppan can see the onion volcano too - Maria Heuskin
Green Tea from Teppan Edo is my son's favorite drink - Maria Heuskin
No longer on the menu at Sci-Fi but it was a bruschetta chicken sandwich and fries. - Maria Heuskin
Pistachio Creme Brulee from Tony's - Maria Heuskin
The dessert case (well a section of it) from Riverside Mill Food Court at POR - Maria Heuskin