Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Onion Rings from Pecos Bills

During the first week of October 2013, I was in the Magic Kingdom during Evening Extra Magic Hours and was hungry for a snack.  To my surprise, Pecos Bill in Frontierland was open.  I made my way to the cashier to buy the onion rings.  Once I got the onion rings, I went to the toppings bar and filled two paper sauce cups with plastic cheese sauce.  I found a table and snapped a photo.

Onion Rings with Plastic Cheese sauce from Pecos Bill
The onion rings still had some oil on it.  They were still hot, so I had to be careful to not burn my mouth while eating them.  The fried batter tasted good.  The onions were well cooked. When I dipped the rings in the plastic cheese sauce and ate it, the rings tasted so much better.  The cheese really improves the taste.  I would definitely get this again!

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