Saturday, April 12, 2014

Affection Station at Rafiki's Planet Watch at Animal Kingdom - March 3, 2014

Animal Kingdom would not be the Animal Kingdom without the animals that the park features in it's attractions and throughout the green areas of the park.  One of the attractions that features animals is Affection Station.  It allows visitors to get really up close to an animal and pet it.  Affection Station is Disney World's version of a petting farm.  Visitors not only can pet an animal, they can also brush their hair using brushes that are available throughout Affection Station.

A goat roaming around
The animals that were available for petting were goats, sheep, and potbelly pigs.  To pet these animals, they need to be roaming around and not in their roped off areas where they feed on treats and drink water.  Visitors are not able to feed the animals.  There were other animals at Affection Station that visitors could look at, but were caged off to prevent them from being petted.  These animals were mules, cows, and donkeys.  Here is video of the animals that I could get up close to.

Before you exit Affection Station, visitors should wash their hands at the washing stations located near the exit doors.  Also, check the bottom of your shoes to make sure you clean up the animal droppings that you might have accidentally stepped on.

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