Sunday, October 27, 2013

Holiday Turkey Sandwich and the Potato Salad from Earl of Sandwich

I saw a picture post in the Disney Foodies Facebook group of a unique sandwich from Earl of Sandwich at Downtown Disney called the Holiday Turkey Sandwich.  I had to try this because I've never seen a sandwich like that.  I got this to go and brought it back to my room at Port Orleans French Quarter.  As soon as I took the wrapper off, I snapped a picture of it.

Holiday Turkey Sandwich  from Earl of Sandwich

Imagine a Thanksgiving Day turkey dinner rolled up in a sandwich.  It consists of turkey, stuffing, cranberries, and melted cheese contained in a toasted sandwich bun.  The sandwich tastes exactly like having turkey dinner.  I'm not the biggest fan of eating turkey or eating cranberries.  I like that the sandwich has stuffing.  This is a great concept for a sandwich.  I hope Earl of Sandwich makes more holiday themed sandwiches to keep the choices more fresh.

Along with the sandwich, I picked up a potato salad.  I snapped a picture of it as soon as I opened the lid:

Potato Salad from Earl of Sandwich
The potato salad was not bad.  I'm very particular with my potato salads.  The gold standard of potato salads in my opinion is the Red Hot & Blue potato salad. The potatoes were well sliced and cooked to be soft and not mushy.  The flavoring was above average.  I think this would be better paired with a fried chicken or ribs.  I would not buy the potato salad again.

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