Thursday, November 21, 2013

American Idol Experience at Disney Hollywood Studios - September 2012

American Idol has been a very popular musical realty TV show on FOX for over a decade.  Walt Disney World decided to bring American Idol to the Disney Hollywood Studios years ago as the attraction American Idol Experience.  This attraction took over the Superstar Television Theater which featured the Superstar Television attraction, one of the original attractions that opened with Disney-MGM Studios.

The attraction has a number of showings throughout the day, with a final contest at the end of the day to determine which person will receive the "golden ticket" that will enable you to skip the lines at any of the American Idol TV auditions.  Guests can audition for a spot on the show.

Each show features a televsion set and stage that closely resembles the set for American Idol, three contestants, a host, a panel of judges, and a pre-show host who explains what you need to do during the show.  Below, I have a video that I took of the pre-show host warming up the audience.

Below are videos I took of two contestants singing their songs to the audience and for the judges.

The judges give their comments just like the actual judges on American Idol.  The music, sound effects and lighting effects make you feel like you are actually watching the real show.  It was a cool experience and something that I like to go to again.

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