Sunday, November 3, 2013

2013 Atlanta Braves Spring Training Baseball at the ESPN Wide World of Sports

For years, the Atlanta Braves have been holding their Spring Training Camp at Champions Stadium at the ESPN Wide World of Sports.  I had the opportunity to go down to Walt Disney World during the end of February 2013 to see my Washington Nationals play the Atlanta Braves play two spring training games at the Braves's Spring Training Camp.  I have been to an MLB regular season game before, but never attended spring training baseball.  Disney World gives you the opportunity to enjoy the theme parks and catch a spring training game on the same day.  Bus transportation is available from Disney's All-Star Resorts, Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort and Disney's Pop Century Resort to ESPN Wide World of Sports.  I took advantage of the bus transportation since I did not have a rental car on my trip.  If you drive to the facility, free parking is available.  You can buy tickets in advance through TicketMaster, or you can buy it at the Box Office at the stadium.  As soon as I got to the stadium, I took a couple of pictures.

The entrance to Champions Stadium
Me walking to the ticket entrance to Champions Stadium
Me in front of the welcome center that is across from Champions Stadium
Me about to enter Champions Stadium
My seat was at the upper deck on the visitors side of the stadium. The game was not sold out and there were plenty of seats available in my section.  Unfortunately, the beginning of the game was delayed because of a rain shower.  The crowd was in good spirits and went into the covered areas to hang out while the rain passed over.  The staff at the stadium was great and helped manage the situation.  They took care of the field to make sure that the baseball diamond did not get too wet.  I took a couple of pictures while it was raining.

The grounds crew covered the baseball diamond while the rain was passing

Me at my seat waiting out the rain!
Me at my seat waiting out the rain!
The rain is still pouring!
The good news was that the rain finally ended we could finally watch the game.  The grounds crew setup the field, and my Nats warmed up to face the Braves.  To pictures of all of these activities.

The grounds crew getting the field ready for game play
My Nats taking the field for warmups
Washington Nationals' Bryce Harper on the plate and ready to bat
Here is a video of Washington Nationals' Bryce Harper getting a base hit!

Unfortunately my Nats lost to the Braves during this rain delayed game.  Two days later, my Nats would get their revenge and beat the Braves.  Win or lose, I had a great time watching the game.  The Braves fans were really nice and I got to talk with a lot of locals and vacationers during the game.  The staff at the stadium were professional and helpful.  It was cool that you could use your Key to the World Card to pay for stuff.  Overall, it was fun and I plan on watching another game at ESPN Wide World of Sports again.

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