Thursday, April 10, 2014

Gi-Tar Dan outside of Conservation Station at Rafiki's Planet Watch - March 3, 2014

On March 3, 2014, I decided to start my day at Disney's Animal Kingdom,  It's been a while since I've visited Rafiki's Planet Watch so I wanted to see what has changed in that area.  I took the Wilderness Express train from Africa to get to Rafiki's Planet Watch.  I got off the Wilderness Express train and headed to the Conservation Station.  Once I got to the Conservation Station, I noticed a man playing a guitar and singing a song to a family.  As I got closer to the man, I recognized that this was the same man that used to entertain guests at Camp Minnie-Mickey.  The man calls himself Gi-Tar Dan and has entertained visitors inside the Animal Kingdom for many years.

Gi-Tar Dan

I wondered what Animal Kingdom would do with him when Camp Minnie-Mickey was being converted as part of the Avatarland expansion.  Now we can continue to enjoy his guitar playing and singing outside of the Conservation Station.  Here's a small clip of Gi-Tar Dan entertaining a family.

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