Tuesday, December 31, 2013

World of Color (from two perspectives) - Disney California Adventure - March 2012

I had the opportunity to experience Disneyland for the first time during March 2012.  I heard about a night time show that Disney California Adventure holds almost every day called World of Color.  It is a water-light show that can be seen around the lake.  There are prime spots to see this show which fill up early in the evening.  There are also reserved spots that can be purchased as part of a table service dinner package.  I saw the show twice during my stay from two different perspectives.  I first watched the show where all the visitors preferably watched the show, from the front.  There was a crowd of people obstructing my view at times.  This made it very challenging for me to watch and enjoy the show.  Here is a video from that perspective.

The second time I watched the show, I was right outside California Screamin'.  There was no crowd from this perspective.  I thought the show was way cooler from this vantage point.  I made a video of the World of Color from this viewpoint.

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