Saturday, March 22, 2014

Learn How To Draw Ray The Firefly at the Animation Academy at Disney's Hollywood Studios

During the first week in March 2014, my Mom and I had a vacation at Walt Disney World and decided to visit Disney's Hollywood Studios to do the drawing class at the Animation Academy.  On my last solo trip to Disney World, I took a drawing class at the Animation Academy and blogged about my experience (see my blog post Animation Academy at Disney Hollywood Studios).  During that trip, I learned how to draw Pluto.  The class was easy enough to follow that you can learn to draw your favorite Disney character in 20 minutes.  I wanted to share this fun learning experience with my Mom.

This visit to the Animation Academy was my Mom's first ever visit to this class.  She had no previous knowledge of the existence of this drawing class at Disney's Hollywood Studios, and was looking forward to learn how to draw a Disney character. My Mom had no previous formal art training prior to taking this drawing class.  The class was not full on the day that we visited.  Once the doors to the classroom opened, my Mom and I selected the last row of animation light-table desks, and sat at the end of the row near the exit doors.  This was the perfect spot to watch the instructor draw the character on the projector.  The animator teaching this class decided to teach us how to draw Ray the Firefly.  In this visit, I filmed the entire class so that you all can learn how to draw Ray the Firefly from this blog.  Here is the video of the entire class:

My Mom really enjoyed learning how to draw Ray the Firefly.  She liked how the animator explained the steps of drawing in easy to understand terms.  She also like the pace of the instruction.  After the course, she was amazed that she was able to draw Ray the Firefly without much difficulty.  She asked me if she could do this again!  This animation class is included with your park admission and you can attend as many classes throughout the day as long as there is space available in the classroom.  I encourage everyone that likes animation to drop by and attend at least one course.  This will give you a great learning experience, and a free souvenir to take back with you!

Here is my drawing of Ray the Firefly after the end of the course.  Do you like it?

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